Golf Cart Rules and Regulations

Maximum speed allowed on the beach is 15mph.Only a licensed driver may operate the vehicle.

Pedestrians and pets shall have the right of way.

You may not drive in or on the sand dunes and must keep the golf cart to the Gulf side of the high-water mark signs. Anything landward of the high-water markers is private property and you are not allowed to drive or walk on private property.

You may only access the beach through County designated beach access points or down our beach ramp located at the East of Crystal Sands.

Any person driving or operating a vehicle on the public beach must possess a valid driverís license.Reckless driving along the public beach, pulling a skier behind the vehicle or noisy operation is prohibited.

Driving in or on vegetation is prohibited.No litter is to be left on the beach; litter shall include, but not limited to, fish bait, discarded fish or any other form of waste, whether taken from the Gulf or removed from the vehicle.The driver of the vehicle will be responsible for the conduct of the occupants.

Vehicles are prohibited from entering, driving or parking landward of the posted high-water mark signs.Only posted entry points may be used.You may also use our boardwalk located at the East of Crystal Sands.