House Rules

It is evident that some of our renters are really relaxing and enjoying our beach home to the point where it is sometimes hard to remember some of the most basic things.  We don’t want to upset that zen-like mental state so we have made a reminder list for your consideration.

Late Check-Out:

Our check-in/check-out policy is designed to give you and subsequent renters the most convenient arrival time and still allow our cleaning crew to complete their work.  We cannot impress upon you how important it is to us that our home be cleaned and available when scheduled.  If you choose to delay your departure and that delay impacts the incoming renters or our cleaning crew, you will be charged for an additional day’s rental.  If your delay lasts more than two hours past check-out time, the police will be called to evict your party.

The Elevator:

The elevator ‘s main purpose is to provide disabled and wheelchair-bound individuals access to the house and help adults move luggage to the upper floors.  Only adults and young children accompanied by adults may use the elevator.  Healthy young adults are quite capable of using the stairs and should do so.  If the elevator is abused, it will be locked and all residents will be denied access for the duration of the rental period.

Air conditioning:

Conditioned air is a must in Florida’s heat-filled days.   Windows should always be kept closed.  Doors should be kept closed when not in use.  If you leave doors and windows open you will lose valuable conditioned air while mosquitoes, no-see-ums and biting flies enter the home and make your days and nights miserable. 

Beach air is damp and full of grit and salt that will damage any metal within the home.  If you leave the beach air in, your cameras and any metal possession could be compromised with premature rust and clogged with grit. 

Pet Friendly:

We love animals as long as they are housebroken and well behaved and accompanied by responsible, courteous owners.   Pets must be crated if you leave them alone in the house.  Just give us a call and we will provide the crates.   Pets are not allowed in the beds or on the furniture.  If you choose to allow your pet on the beds or furniture, you may be charged for extra cleaning fees and damaged bedding. 

You may bathe your pet in the outdoor shower as long as excess hair is removed from the floor afterward.  Pet shampoo and pet towels are provided.  If you choose to bathe your pet in one of the indoor bathroom’s bathtubs, you will be charged any resultant plumbing and/or cleaning fees needed to unclog the drains and clean the bathrooms.

Fleas and ticks love Florida’s warn climate.  Please treat your pet with an appropriate product to kill fleas and ticks at least three days prior to arrival.  Products with residual action will protect your pet better.

The beach.

The beach is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike and it is up to every individual to keep it in pristine condition.   Rubbish, cigarette butts, beverage containers etc. should be placed in the rubbish can located to the East of our boardwalk or bagged and taken to our rubbish containers located under the house. 

If you like to fish, please either catch and release or store the fish for eating.  Leaving caught fish to die on the beach is a tragedy and waste of natural resources.  If you clean your fish while fishing, please bag and dispose of fish heads and skeletons in the rubbish.  Sometime this year (2008), we will be building a state-of-the-art fish cleaning station for your use.  Until then, please keep our beach clean.

If you take your pets to the beach, they will have a wonderful time.  Please pick up and properly dispose of any feces left by your pet.  Dog coats collect lots of sand while on the beach.  Please rinse the sand from their coats and paws in the outside shower before allowing them in the house.  Dog towels and shampoo are provided by the outdoor shower.  Your stay will be more pleasant if sand is kept out of the house.  Please rinse yourself and your pets before entering the house.

The grounds around Crystal Sands:

Smoking is not allowed within Crystal Sands or the elevator.  Should you choose to smoke within the house or elevator, you will be charged a professional cleaning fee to remove the smoke and odor.  There are ceramic pots filled with sand located on each balcony and just outside the street entrance for your ashes and cigarette butts.  If you choose to smoke anywhere else around the home, please keep your butts and dispose of them in the rubbish.  If you choose to leave your butts on the grounds around the house, we will clean up after you at the rate stated below.

Propane cooking grills, during use and while hot, should be kept away from the vinyl siding to prevent damage.

The ping-pong table, games, toys and equipment:

We have purchased, from Germany, a regulation size top-of-the-line ping pong table for your enjoyment.  The table must remain on the ground floor and used in a manner that does not compromise its usefulness.  Three-star balls are provided.  Paddles and balls should be returned to their appropriate places/containers after use.  If you choose to leave the balls and equipment lying around the grounds, you will be charged for us to clean up after you.  You will be charged for excessive abuse or loss of equipment. 

 Before departing:

Do not strip the beds or perform general cleaning.  Our cleaning crew will take care of this. 

Please leave the house, grounds and beach as you found them. 

If you have an unusual cleaning need such as animal vomit or urine, please handle it.  If you choose to leave unusual dirty or messy situations, additional cleaning fees will be charged.

Remove food from the refrigerator, freezer and pantry and dispose of it.

Take out your garbage and rubbish and place in the provided cans on the ground floor. 

Place your dirty dishes in the dishwasher and start the cleaning cycle.

If renting multiple floors, return chairs, tables, dishes, pots and pans etc. to their original floors and places.

Outdoor areas, the pool and golf cart should be left in the same condition as when you arrived.  All trash, cigarette butts and no-longer-needed personal items should be picked up and placed in the trash.

Remember, we will handle all general cleaning without charge.  If you choose to leave a mess, you will be charged $30/hour (one-hour minimum) for our cleaning crew to fix it.   We inspect the beach in front our home and the home grounds between each renter.  We take CLEAN very seriously and you will reap the benefit!  ;-)