When you rent Crystal Sands, you have the option to rent one of our four-seater golf carts

Tour the miles of beach in complete comfort. The special sand tires make it virtually impossible to get this cart stuck. Available for only $300/week. You must be a licensed driver over 21 years of age to operate. Load up the cart and drive down our boardwalk to the beach. You can put the front window up for protection from the elements or leave it down to get the full benefit of the Gulf breezes. Turn on the headlights and take a relaxing night cruise along the beach and just try to count the stars. Have you ever actually seen the Milky Way? Now you can.

We are now on our third golf cart - this time a brand new one. Yes, we listened to you and it includes a gas guage, fold-down rear seat used to transport stuff to the beach, step up bar, headlights and a top that covers the rear riders. Our first cart is being used for parts. The salt air is just awful on any metal object.

new golf cart
golf cart