Evacuation Route and How to sign up for emergency notifications to your cell phone.

Hurricanes and Tropical Storms don't have to ruin your vacation. Just watch the weather and enjoy the dramatic storms as they pass over the Gulf. If, however, the authorities determine that a mandatory evacuation is needed for Crystal Sands, pack your belongings and evacuate returning when the all-clear is given.

Evacation Directions

Leave the house, turn right on Barefoot. Take Barefoot to end. Turn left on C30. At the end of C30, merge left onto Route 98 which takes you into Port Saint Joe. At the first light, turn right onto Route 71 and proceed north until you are out of the danger area. Ron and I have weathered a couple of hurricanes while staying in Florida and had to evacuate once, the only evacuation for our area in many years. The house was not affected and we have many funny stories to tell.

Crystal Sands - built to stand the test of time and weather

Crystal Sands was built in 2007 under very strict guidelines that make the house safe in winds up to 180 mph. The pilings that support the house are the same kind that support bridges over interstates - reinforced concrete. The house is 21 feet above sea level and built to last through maximum wave surges anticipated for our area. We are also very lucky that our beach is wide and slopes slowly down as you enter the water. This gradual slope slows large waves and causes them to "break" well back from the beach - a very good thing in storm surges.

How to sign up for emergency notifications

If a hurricane is predicted to hit land near the Port Saint Joe area, we recommend that you make reasonable preparations. You can get tons of emergency information at Gulf County Info. On their home page, scroll to the bottom. On the right, click on "Emergency Notification Signup Registration". Follow the screens and enter your cell phone numbers. You can select several notification categories. Remember, when it asks for a house address, please use 290 Canoe Lane, Port Saint Joe, Florida 32456 An automated process uses this address to contact residents in an affected area.

Once you have signed up, for additional information, go back to the home page. Click on "Departments" in the upper left-hand corner. Then find "County Departments" and click on "Emergency Management". Find up-to-date weather at the bottom and several links to other sites for additional information.